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Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_10+ Years of Experience in Data Industry
10+ Years of Experience in Data Industry

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the data industry, has a deep understanding of customer needs, and is able to support special data collection and annotation projects.

Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_Intelligent Data Processing Technology
Intelligent Data Processing Technology

We have patents on speech pre-recognition technology, key points & segmentation annotation of human faces, data pre-recognition and processing technology based on Human-in-the-loop,etc.

Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_Strict Quality Control Procedure
Strict Quality Control Procedure

Our professional QA team has 7 years of experience in project management and QA by taking multi-rounds of QA to guarantee the accuracy rate up to 96%-99%.

Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_Specialized and Considerate Service
Specialized and Considerate Service

We provide data solution consulting services at 24/7, standby service and regular return visits to improve efficiency.


  • ISO 27001 Certified

    With the continuous development of information technology in the world, information security has gradually drawn everyone’s attention.At present, the British standard ISO 27001:2005 has become the worldwide standard and widely used in terms of information security management. The latest version is ISO 27001:2013.

    In August 2019, Datatang obtained the Certification of ISO 27001:2013 , which assures Datatang’s products and services meet the requirements of the information security management system in data, network, communication, and operation.

  • Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_DATA SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE
  • Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_General Data Protection Regulations
  • General Data Protection Regulations

    The General Data Protection Regulations was officially implemented on May 25. 2018, in EU member countries. According to the GDPR regulations on personal confidential data, the processing of privacy data requires explicit consent from the data subject. Datatang and its subsidiaries comply with and strictly abide by GDPR's requirements to protect individuals from privacy and data breaches.

  • Data Protection Officer System

    To ensure the compliance of the business of Datatang and further protect data security and personal information, Datatang has set up a data protection officer system. The data protection officer is responsible for maintaining real-time communication with the regulatory authorities, ensuring the safety of the company's and its subsidiaries' data security management systems, formulating contingency plans for data security incidents, and comprehensively ensuring data security and business compliance.

  • Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_Data Protection Officer System
  • Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang_Data Collection Informed Authorization
  • Data Collection Informed Authorization

    According to the requirements of the ‘Data Service Specification,’ the basic principle of data protection is that the data collection or annotation service must obtain the authorization of the collected subject. The authorization must clearly inform the collected person of the content collected, the purpose of use, and the scope of application. The data cleaning standard is that the data must be processed till a specific individual cannot be identified or be recovered.

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Why Choose Us_Professional Ai Data Service Provider_Datatang